"The Pursuit of Perfection"

Avo Technology specializes in providing building services that enable our customers to do business. Since our inception, we have established an impressive track record in our delivery, reliability and quality, all within our customer’s budget and schedule.

At Avo Technology, we have been immersed in the world of IT networks since our very inception. It is for this reason that the mere mention of our name conjures up images of structured cabling and data centers. From a simple small communications room with a few workstations networked to it, all the way to a global corporate solution with multiple off-shore sites, Avo Technology ensures that our clients have the right IT infrastructure foundation for their company to compete in today’s hectic business world.

We can migrate, upgrade and expand your network infrastructure, and for total visibility and control, add an intelligent infrastructure solution. We are capable of analyzing your requirements, and provide state-of-the-art solutions to fulfill your organization’s needs. AVO Technology will ensure that your business realizes its full potential from your infrastructure, and that you get the best performance and utilization throughout your network.

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