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"The Pursuit of Perfection"


An innovative company in pursuit of perfection.

AVO Technology was established in 1985 as a small trading company (then called Avomarine Sdn. Bhd. which equal to Avionics and Marine). We were located in Pasar Road, Kuala Lumpur where two young colleagues pursued big dream. Our office was consisted of little more than a table and two chairs, and our first products were fabrication of test jigs and precision black box parts for military aircraft and lighting surge protection box for Malaysian Airline System (MAS now ).

Around the 1990’s, we saw the information technology is going to make great changes to Malaysia. We decided to redirected their business to the sale of IT network related projects and components. In a few short years, a sudden demand from the K.L.S.E. bull market swept the nation for networking and communications technology.  We  pioneered Structured Cable design and installation service  in Malaysia  during these period in meeting this demand by working closely with then AT&T (now Commscope, Nasdaq : COMM ) . It was this demand that that gave Avo Technology the foundations to be where it is today.

Being ahead of the game, we increased our range of products to include data center design and mechanical/electrical building services. We have also expanded into Fiber To The Home (FTTH), wireless telecommunications, CCTV monitoring and much more. Our customers favors our ability to provide a complete integrated solution for all their infrastructure needs. We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with cutting edge technology, as we continue to expand our wealth of knowledge and technical expertise.

AVO Technology continues to be driven by that same determination. No project is too small or too big for us, one things that remains the same is the pursuit the same Good Quality of works.

It was this determination that has today garnered us recognition as a CIDB Class G7 and Energy Commission Class A contractor.

We deeply appreciate our customers who gave us their continuous support throughout our 31 years of business. Customer satisfaction continues to be our primary objective, and we are strongly committed in our efforts to continue to bring value to our customers time and time again. After all, without happy customers, we would never have built the rock solid reputation we have today.

 Our Vision

“To provide world-class infrastructure and design solutions, on time and on budget, through the innovation, integrity and commitment of our people, so that our customers’ businesses excel.”

AVO Technology’s national presence deliver a diverse range of building services, and our vision reflects our desire to provide world-class building services. We vowed to ensure our designs and installations comply to or exceed all international standards, while at the same time delivering our work “on time and on budget”.

Our people work relentlessly to maximize the value our customers receive, and in turn, our customers businesses are able to excel thanks to the powerful, agile and flexible infrastructure or design we have provided them.


“AVO Technology as a nationwide contracting company engaged in the design and implementation of building services engineering projects, including ICT, MEP and Interior Design. It is dedicated to providing design and installation services of superior quality and value to the direct benefit of our customers, and thus our employees and business partners as well.”

At AVO Technology, our mission cannot be more straightforward: Ensure that our services directly benefit our customers.

It is for this reason our personnel are truthful and straightforward. We do not “oversell” our services, and we ensure that our customers’ employees are trained to operate any infrastructure system we install. Even if the customer does not have people suitably qualified to operate the system, we are capable of operating it for them.

Our relentless focus on our customers is the very foundation of our existence.

It is also through this focus that our employees and business partners flourish. We like to think of them as part of an extended family.


“The pursuit of perfection.”

AVO Technology’s slogan is not a mere marketing jingle our sales department came up with. It is a reflection of our commitment and pursuits. True perfection does not exist, but yet we choose to pursue it. Not because it is easy to do, but because it is difficult.

It is a pursuit that deserves the best of our efforts. It is a pursuit that serves to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because it is one we are willing to accept, and one which we intend to achieve.

Core Values

Daily business is conducted based on the following core values:

  • World-Class
    Whatever our hands touch, we wish for it to be a world-class product. While we may face restrictions in budget or customer requirements, we will ensure that any service we provide is world-class service.
  • Quality
    Over 32 years of business has shown us that quality, above all else, is the most important trait of our company. For every bit of money our clients spend on our services, we make sure they get the very best their money can buy.
  • Engineering
    AVO Technology believes in sound engineering. Where our engineering services are employed in the design stage of a project, we ensure that the principles of the design are based on best practices. Furthermore, we believe that quality is not added in later during project execution, but rather is designed into the project.
  • Commitment
    AVO Technology will always give full commitment to all projects we are given. There can be no compromise in this, and our zero failure rate for all our projects is evidence of our commitment.




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